Ignoring A Handshake Is Impolite On Your Part

A polished professional should always extend his hand for a handshake when meeting new people in a formal setting or during a meeting, rather than just bowing and declining a handshake. There is a wide distance between rudeness and hygiene consciousness.

In a strict sense, you should always extend a handshake to people who extend their hand to you. Treating people poorly who are polite and friendly to you is the height of bad manners. As a true gentleman or lady, you should never decline to shake someone's hand when they extend it to you. If there is a health issue, inform the other person and apologize for not shaking them. Even if you don't typically feel comfortable shaking hands with people, be polite and accept the handshake that is extended to you. After shaking hands, use hand sanitiser. Never forget that rudeness and cleanliness consciousness are poles apart. 

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