The Etiquette Rules You Should Know - Part 2

Etiquette is the protocol, appropriate behaviour, or prim actions that are expected of you daily as a courteous and responsible person, as well as how you are expected to behave and are perceived. 

There are numerous etiquette rules, but these are a few important ones that I think you should also include in your repertoire of good manners.


🍽 I frequently hear this in classrooms, "Table manners says don't talk while eating."

🍽 It's not that you can't speak while eating, but you shouldn't talk while you're chewing food in your mouth. If you must speak while eating, wait until you have finished swallowing the meal in your mouth.

🍽 Even though you are allowed to speak up about important things during meals, it is still impolite to chat nonstop during this time.

🍽 When is it okay to talk during meals? When you are choking on food or need help with something. Towards the end of a meal, you can converse about amusing topics without offending other diners around the table.

🍽 If you are the host of a formal or informal dinner, you can start a discussion around the table toward the end of the meal by talking about amusing topics like travel, family, and business while avoiding political and religious subjects.

🍽 If you are dining with a purpose and it is a business meal, you can bring up business talk toward the end of the meal to make the most of this opportunity.

🍽 Make appropriate use of your spoon, fork, and knife. Avoid holding them awkwardly or using them to make loud noises on your plate. It gives off an unrefined impression of you and is both distracting and irritating to the ears.

🍽 Eat your meal quietly and sip your beverage from the cup without making any loud noises with your mouth.

🍽 It is considered impolite to drink alcohol during meals when you are invited to public places, particularly if it is not on your host's menu.

🍽 Don't request anything from your host that isn't on the menu or isn't immediately accessible.

🍽 As a host, don't proactively ask guests if they want seconds unless they ask. It is impolite to ask if they want additional food or drinks after the initial round has been served.

🍽 Don't eat or drink anything at the dinner table that wasn't served to you unless you have permission to.

🍽 When someone has excused himself to use the bathroom, never leave their drink unattended. Before you exit the table or bar area, double-check that it is still full or covered.

🍽 After a satisfying dinner, never relax by putting your feet up on the table.

🍽 When you're finished, if there are still people at the table, don't just get up and leave without saying goodbye to them first.

🍽 Whenever you say goodbye, be sure to acknowledge your host, server, and/or bartender by saying "thank you."

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