Steer Clear of Adverse Competition...

Steer clear of adverse competition and concentrate on the uniqueness of your business.

When someone starts to engage in hostile competition with you because they feel threatened by the fact that you are in the same industry and run a similar type of business with them, show them how dynamically you differ from them in a great and significantly noticeable way. Don't let anyone dim your business's lustre.

Produce the best work possible in your industry.


Take what the competition is doing well or poorly and do it even better in a unique way. That said; avoid appropriating others' ideas and claiming them as your own. An artisan told me about a woman who worked in a related field with her. The woman copied one of the ideas for a handcrafted item she created for her business page on Instagram and replicated the item on her page, posting it alongside the artisan's picture, after which she blocked or unfollowed her. The thief probably had no idea that the image was actually of the artisan. LOL!


When creating and promoting content for your business, use the best techniques.


Don't be scared off by those who have glamorous beginnings if you're starting small in your business. Remain persistent in your efforts to expand your business, and your business would eventually be given special worth. 


Avert losing faith in your business due to trial and error. Failure is where you learn, not success. Work diligently to grow your business and keep learning from your mistakes to know what works best for your business and what doesn't.


Indicate the advantages of your goods or services, as well as the problems they can solve, in light of the needs of your customers. Moreover, have a USP. A distinguishing feature that explains to prospective customers how you differ from the competition.


So let me ask you: Are you unique from the competition in any way, or are you just all about "buy from me" and "do business with me"?


Etiquette, image, diction, business, and relationship coaches are widely available. But my own USP isn't just in the general values my industry offers potential customers; it's also in the excellent customer service we provide when clients train with us, the top-notch training, premium resources, and the many other unique selling propositions that set us apart.


Describe your USP. What sets you apart from the competition? You're unsure of what it is. That's an assignment for you.


Refrain from engaging in negative competition or allowing a vicious competitor to get under your skin. Make use of competition as a tool to your advantage in your business.


Significantly improve the goods or services you offer in competition.

Make your business extraordinarily different from the competition.


To your continued business success.

Your Professional friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.

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