Online Phonics Training for Teachers and Individuals


How well do you communicate in spoken English with your pupils in the classroom, with important clients, and at work? Do you wish to improve the fluency of your speech with the knowledge of phonics? This short online phonics lesson is for you if the answer is yes. 

What You Will Learn: The English alphabet's letters and the sounds they stand for, how to pronounce 20 popular words correctly, two phonetic sounds and how to pronounce 30 words that go along with them. This live class is being offered to you at a significant discount. With just ₦5,000 you may improve your language skills and learn how to pronounce a large number of words correctly. 

Register TODAY! 

Pay the course investment into our FirstBank account. DRS Etiquette Consulting, 2027036842. After making your payment, take a screenshot of your teller and send it along with your basic information, including your email address, to so that your lessons can be sent to you on the training days. 

Who Can Attend: 


Head of School 

TV Presenter Radio Personnel 

Sales Person 

Parents Coaches/Trainers 



Voiceover Artist, or an Event Host and would love to sound more professional, confident and eloquent. 

For more inquiries, email or WhatsApp 08170768650.

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