Business Training: Making a Great First Impression & Customer Service Etiquette

Some customers can be tolerant, even when you treat them horribly. However, once they've had it with your BS, they'll stop patronizing your business regardless of any future promotions you may run. Nothing can stop them once they arrive at the fork in the road, where they must make a decision.

I refer to this as the "pivotal and decisive moment."

Consider a parent who wants to enrol his child in school. He was given a tour of the school. Excellent architecture and setup. They then sent him a message full of grammatical errors after he left. Due to this damaging impression, the customer will need to face reality and make a decision. Undoubtedly, he won't ever enrol his children in a school like this.

The customer's first impression frequently affects their decision-making process and "moment of truth." The customer is learning more about your business during the initial impression phase, and the outcome of his research will determine whether he stays with you long-term or not.

Don't wait until the customers are forced to make a choice before you provide excellent customer service.

Because your new consumers are still in the category of prospects, or scouters, be very careful with them and take your time giving them a positive first impression. Some customers will keep looking for the greatest value even when you offer it to them. When you have customers of this nature on your hands, don't rest on your oars. Ensure total customer satisfaction.

Making a Great First Impression & Customer Service Etiquette Training 


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