7 Business Etiquette Tips to Improve Behaviour in Your Business

1 Create a Friendly Atmosphere

Maintain a friendly atmosphere where employees use the following pleasantries when they arrive at work, go on break, are working or are closed for the day. For example, they should say the following to a fellow colleague, "Good morning, good afternoon, hello, hi, hope work is good, goodbye, enjoy the rest of the day," etc. Along with the coworkers they directly work with, they should extend a friendly greeting to everyone else who works in your company, including the drivers, cleaners, and security guards.

2 – Stop Casual Attitude on the Job

I've witnessed a scenario where a customer service agent was playing a computer game with a customer in front of her, giving the impression that she was helping him. This is terrible work-related conduct. You should remove such activities like gaming, texting and emailing practices during work hours.

– Inspire Compassion

Teach staff compassion and occasionally remind them to offer help, however small, to team members.

4 – Everyone is Always Against Me: Your Fault or Their Fault

As an employee, instead of thinking that you're the only one who gets picked on, develop the ability to pay attention to what other staff members have to say about your character or work output. Learning to take advice on the job and using it to improve one's work output can help one's career in the long run.

5 – Let Others Speak, Too

Eliminate the "only I must be heard" approach in the workplace if you're a manager, CEO, or team leader. This includes talking over employees, interrupting them, and not giving them a chance to speak during business meetings.

6 – Maintain Reality in Inclusivity at Work

Keep your employees' perceptions of inclusion in the workplace realistic. Don't urge attendees to speak out at meetings only to do nothing with their suggestions. When you invite others to speak up, make their opinions count.

7 – Avoid this Toxic Behaviour

Saying "I don't have anything to say, please carry on" when requested to speak up in a meeting is toxic meeting conduct. If you work in an environment with so much hostility and typically no inclusion, you might make the above statement. However, in a company with a welcoming work environment, contribute to meetings, especially when encouraged to do so.

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