Use Common Sense Even in Excitement


Lack of emotional management equates to responding to every feeling until you unintentionally do something dangerous that claims a life.

Recently, I've seen some graduating 🎓 SS3 students who were ecstatic to have completed the secondary school stage to move on to the next level in their academic careers.

Incredible accomplishment. 👍 Sincere congratulations. 👏


Some of these graduating students I’ve seen acted erratically out of excitement.


I learned yesterday morning from the news that 10 SS3 graduates went swimming 👙 at Elegushi Beach on their own. 

According to the news, the gate guards refused to let them through because they were young and did not have an adult present to oversee their swimming activities. These youths made a U-turn and entered the beach in a different way. Six escaped, while four of them drowned. One girl was found among the four classmates who perished in the water. She's dead! The remaining three pupils, who would also be dead logically, have not yet been discovered. Imagine the sorrow. A person spends his entire life raising a child, investing in his or her education from preschool through secondary school, and this is how the child ended up because he's excited. Dead!

Allowing a child to explore his emotions is not good, but this is the entire campaign that is taking place today. Lack of discipline. What exactly is discipline? Discipline is the control of excesses. Discipline is what prevents you from acting erratically or taking extreme action. You hardly ever see students in well-disciplined schools involved in bizarre incidents. Discipline is a big element of education, but it is lacking in most schools today.

Upbringing is extremely important. Please, parents, teach your children to use common sense even when they are excited. Teach them not to exaggerate their emotions when they have spectacular accomplishments. Your children should never be carried away by excitement. Teach them basic emotional management skills, or enrol them in our emotional management course.

Best wishes for happier parenting!

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.


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