Add Additional Value

Go above and beyond what the customers would expect, pay attention to even the tiniest things, go the extra mile, and uphold the norms of business etiquette in your business.

Following are some considerate business practices for performing the little things that matter:

When a client unexpectedly needs to leave your place of business due to a car problem, you can tell them as a businessperson, "Since your car has broken down, may I call my driver to drop you off at your location or may I order an Uber for you?

You can say to a customer waiting for their order as a waiter in a restaurant. “While you wait for your order, I'll give you some water.”

As a receptionist, you can ask a person waiting for your boss, "May I bring you a magazine to keep you busy while you wait?"

Provide consumers with expertly cleaned car cleaning services as a car wash service.

You can provide your guests with a free appetizer before breakfast if your business is a hotel.

As a bus driver, be more considerate of your passengers. Instead of turning up the stereo and making the passengers uncomfortable and irritated, ask your passengers what kind of music they like and the volume level they prefer.

When filling up the customer's car, be a courteous attendant at the filling station.

Increase the value you provide to your company and customers by using more fundamental business etiquette.

Continue to seek out opportunities to stand out in your business.

I hope these few basic etiquette pointers are helpful.

To more business success!

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.

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