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Prime Yourself for Positivity Everyday

Encourage positivity in yourself every day before you leave for work. Even though it's physically feasible that you have no control over some specific events in life, have a conversation with yourself about how you want your day to proceed. You can avoid being upset by an unexpected unpleasant situation by getting ready for work every day and priming yourself to be happy no matter what happens.

What can you do to help motivate yourself to be positive each day at work? Asking yourself questions about typical situations that typically take place at work is the greatest method to prepare yourself.

  • During working hours, how do you want to act toward your students, parents and coworkers?
  • As a result, how do you wish to feel?
  • What emotions do you want the students, parents or coworkers to have?

For example:

In a difficult situation involving a student who is acting insolently and wantonly, you can choose to turn your attention away from the bile-filled behaviour and concentrate on reshaping the negative behaviour into a positive one while navigating this sea of vile manner.

In a conversation with a challenging parent where you know the parent is at fault, you can decide you are:

  • Being courteous, considerate and agreeable instead of standing up to the challenging parent.
  • Listening more than talking throughout complaints or discussions to gain respect and significance for yourself while also improving the reputation of the school for which you work.

Rather than letting situations dictate your behaviour, set professional habits you should display on the job each day that could improve your work and your image. Make it a habit to prime yourself positively for work each day.

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To more joyful teaching!

Damilola Ogunremi,

Etiquette and Image Consultant.

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