To Your Living Once More!

If you are making every effort to ruin the relationship and defame the loving people in your life HERE and NOW because of a terrible past, you are not mature enough. Move on from the people you should have prevented from entering your life, which you kept around for too long before letting them FADE.  Get past all the garbage you didn’t deserve, but had to put up with.  Let the lessons you learned be the resolution you need not to make bad choices again. SET THE PAST AWAY!

#LetThePastBeGone! Let your troubled past fade away like a bad old house you previously lived in but don't want to revisit. Each morning, you’re lucky to be alive, find fresh challenges, success, wealth, influence, and other positive things. Every worthwhile person and opportunity that God sends your way matters. Respect them. Do not waste your precious time undermining your possibilities and missing a second chance because you are preoccupied with comparing the present to the repelling past.

To Your Living Once More!

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.


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