The Etiquette Savvy Boss: How to Break Through Poor Leadership



Ever become tired of employees criticizing you behind your back?


Bosses are intriguing people; they all have quirks that staff members ruminate on in depth. Most of the time, you are unaware that this is happening, but it lowers workplace productivity.


To keep you inspired in your work or business, I will be writing a couple of posts over a future period of time on “The Etiquette Savvy Boss: How to Break Through Poor Leadership." This series will help you address both poor and good leadership etiquette that may have a favourable or negative impact on your professional image.


So, how do you break through flawed leadership and prevent employees from engaging in negative communication at work?


One of the easiest strategies to overcome poor leadership is to follow the rules of basic business etiquette that allow you to control your actions in various business settings.


Professional manners will help you become a better leader and advance your career.


The first step is to recognize that there are various types of good and bad etiquette. To be a better boss, you must first learn proper business etiquette when dealing with your employees.

To limit negative communication in the workplace like workers criticizing their boss behind his back:


Don’t be biased against any of your employees.


Don’t give an employee promotion for unclear reasons.


Real Life Story – I used to work for an organization. There were two employee groups in this company. There are workers who perform their duties properly and those who lick asses to get ahead. The manager eventually gave them the go-ahead to compulsorily enrol in a specific leadership training program, which they would cover out of their salary. Since they are the ones paying for the training and not the company, the ass-kissers refused to attend. The other group paid for and attended the training. The manager eventually promoted these ass kissers who suck up to him, while the other group was not promoted despite their effort because they were not "yes men." They left the company as a result.


These employees, who were frustrated and angry, spoke negatively about their boss behind him. They reported that he is an egotistical failure as a leader who values ass-kissing over hard work. These people believe that their boss is biased in his leading judgment, which leads them to think that there is partiality.


Employees who feel discrimination at work are more likely to engage in negative communication or even consider leaving their employers, which costs both parties in terms of unrealized employee potential and career advancement.


Don’t show negative favouritism to an employee who makes a mistake.


Be a boss who offers an employee a chance to explain a problem before taking any disciplinary action against them.


Be a manager who gives his staff the freedom to express their concerns about problems at work without worrying about you or the management taking it out on them.


Don’t give employees room to perceive your leadership as negative and criticize you behind your back. Have a powerful executive presence.

To hone your etiquette abilities to become an etiquette-savvy boss, devote enough time. As long as you conduct yourself professionally in your leadership position, you'll improve significantly.  Anyone can develop into a fantastic leader.


Lead like a savvy, refined and astute boss.


A leader's qualities become an extension of the people they lead.


Improve your leadership abilities. Be an exceptional leader.


To your continued business success!


Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.











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