What Does Good Manner Look Like. . .

Sometimes you may find it easier to show good manners to people OUTSIDE your home, such as your clients and your bosses. However, good manners need to start in your home first before you can genuinely show it to others. This week, look at how you treat those in your home. Is there a person that you don’t treat well? Correct your behaviour towards them.


For example, have each person in your home stop practising the following bad manner: Always choosing what the family watches on TV.


I know of a family who has different tastes in television programs.  Once the man comes back home, he simply changes the TV station without respect, and until he’s out of the house again, no one can watch the program of their choice. The children also, practice the same bad manner.


When your family has different tastes in television programs, simply discuss times that each person can set aside for their favourite TV programs.


I have an Uncle. Whenever he comes back from work, and he has a TV show to watch, he announces the time he’d be watching the program, and that prepares every one of us to leave the TV to him when that time comes and not that he’d just abruptly change what the family is watching.


Family is bound to have different tastes in television, let’s practise good manners in our homes.

I hope this post helps you to practice good manners in your home.

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