Practice Self-Love

How you show love to yourself prompt you to help others start treating you with love. Get started this week with the following few tips to start practising self-love.

💫Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a genuine compliment.


💫Write down three things you’ve done well in your career/personal life and reward yourself with a gift or special meal.


💫Practice self-love by asking for help for that one thing you’re currently struggling with.


💫When you get upset with someone at work/home, take 5 deep breaths to calm down, check your behaviour and respond positively to smooth out the negative and bad behaviour of the other person.


💫Spend time alone by yourself for 30 minutes to meditate and put away all electronic devices.


💫Set a time apart and do something you really enjoy just for fun!


💫Make a meal together with your partner and talk about areas you feel loved by them. Ask how you affect them and really listen to their answer.


💫Offer to be of help to someone without being asked.

I hope this post helps you to practice self-love as you go about your week.

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Love and More Success.💗 


Your friend and Coach, 

Damilola Ogunremi.

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