My Plans Will Succeed. . .

As I’ve not tried to fix things on my own, but come to terms with my dependence upon my good and sovereign God Lord and trust Him, He shall help me.


As I acknowledge God’s sovereign purpose in my business/career, He shall fix all the difficult things on my path.

Nothing I’m presently experiencing is outside of God’s eternal decree and direct oversight thus testing in my business/career will only make me stronger.

With strength in God, I tread life’s and career troubled waters without sinking. 

God shall make straight what has been made crooked in my business/career and life.

God shall get me to the place professionally where I cannot be shaken.

A situation of blessing and a condition of peace is my lot as I go in this new week. This is my declaration in Jesus name.

This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and personal life. 💗


Damilola Ogunremi,

Your friend and Coach.




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