My Life Shall Not Be Unfruitful

Each day, I devote myself to doing good works to live a fruitful, useful, productive life and meet my needs.

My life shall not be unfruitful, useless, or unproductive.

Lord, help me to overcome the procrastination that prevents me from getting much done each day.

Lord, help me be eager to do what I ought to do in a timely manner for good things to happen to me professionally and personally.

I declare I’m focused on the right activities each day to accomplish great things.

As I help myself, God, help me.

Good works flow naturally out of me because I’m redeemed.

The works of my hand are excellent and profitable for me and my family. 

My life here on earth professionally and in all areas of life shall count. This is my declaration in Jesus name.


This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and personal life. 💗


Damilola Ogunremi,

Your friend and Coach.

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