Want to take respect and kindness to the next level in your workplace? Consider participating in this project.

What qualified as a workplace respectful words and actions to promote a positive work environment? Have you ever thought about it? Examples include consideration and sensibility, giving a compliment for the characteristics and abilities you admire in your teammate, helping another employee, thanking them when they help you, pitching in with a task, showing a respectful attitude, employers and employees giving respect to each other and peers, giving needed attention, listening to opinions, speaking with kindness, showing honesty and integrity, admitting mistakes, being punctual, handling conflicts with grace, etc.

This week, set the goal to catch employees being well-mannered and respectful in actions and words. To promote a focus of respect and kindness in the workplace, use kindness jars to “catch” respectful actions and words of employees throughout each week for the whole month all through the year into the next year. At the end of the week,  combine all of the jars into one workplace jar. When the workplace jar is filled, get respect in the workplace based reward (like a movie ticket, #5000k Spar gift card, a special lunch, perfume gift sets, etc.).

Take the following action step to carry out this project in your workplace:

💫Create a team to review the rules for workplace respect or use the above examples.

💫Get all the employees involved, tell them what’s expected of them.

💫Get four to five jars (label it respect at work, it can be medium or very big jar)

💫Place each of the five jars in the office of key employees.

💫Each person’s jar is empty at the beginning of a new day.

Whenever the employees see a coworker being kind and respectful (through actions or words) they place a short note in the jars, mentioning the behaviour and the person’s name.

At the end of each month, it’s time for the respect at work reward! Count each employees’ notes and reward the employees with the highest comment note.

Next, review the respectful words and actions employees noticed to encourage more of these types of behaviours in the work environment.

I hope this post helps you to promote a positive workplace environment.

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