Say what’s on Your Mind Warmly


In case you don't know. . . Speaking your mind as it pleases you is not a virtue.

Thoughtless words or deeds can hurt others deeply, and make them harm themselves.

Also, holding back what you should say can make you resent a person and create a barrier that ruins your relationships for a long time.

It is, therefore, important to guard your tongue when speaking your mind, and also to speak up when necessary to increase your self-confidence.

Here’s a simple way you can mind your manners when speaking your mind:

Set aside personal opinions and biases.


Inappropriate: “You always call me at the worst time of the day. You should not call me during these busy hours. It gets me upset. You should call when I’m less busy.


If you talk to people in this manner, from experience, you will make them feel they are annoying or useless!

Appropriate: “I would like to talk with you, but I’m busy right now. Please, let me call you back at a later time. Late in the evening is a better time for me to talk.”

What goes to the mouth proceeds from the mind. Cultivate your mind to speak tactfully and you will improve your relationships.

Is there someone in your life who behaves in a certain way you don't like? And maybe because you haven't told them they get worse at it, so you're wondering if you should confront them and how. I hope this post helps you to tell them politely. 

Love and More Success.💗 

Your friend and Coach, 

Damilola Ogunremi.

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