Check the Traits


There are important traits to induce in everyday relationships. If you want to come across as a well-mannered person and function well in everyday situations, try the following short tips:

Acknowledge diversity.

Respect others’ rights and opinions.

If you’re disagreeing with a point made by a person, wait to discuss the differences in private rather than discussing in the public. From experience, it could lower emotion and raise difficult relationships.

Respect differing points of view.

Disrespect is a lack of respect for yourself. Have a sense of self-respect. Respect others, respect even things and places by keeping them clean.

Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

Respect the elders/leaders and the wisdom they offer.

Desist from a “me first” attitude.

Don’t devalue others’ needs.

Care for other people’s possessions as they do. The fact that an item is cheap and means nothing to you doesn’t mean it’s the same for others. Have considerate behaviour that cements a bond of love and affection in your everyday relationships.

Build the essential tools to lead, follow, listen, communicate effectively, persevere, share and stand firm for your principles.

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