Remove the Bad Eggs from Your Business


To keep your business operating smoothly, you need to remove the anti-increment people.

These people are opposing catalysts that drag other employees or business helpers down and destroy morale and productivity. They are often difficult to spot initially because when they see you, they do what’s pleasing to you. They are usually ass-kissers. They are eye-service kind of people who do something satisfactorily only when you're around or watching. However, there are signs to look out for to weed them out of your establishment, including:

💣No real, measurable productivity.

💣Dip in the morale of those around them.

💣Gossip – They love to gossip!

I met a man on the job about some years ago. He called himself my best buddy, I saw him as a mere acquaintance for his awful weak persona. He wished for us to run the training business together, I wanted the same thing because he had some resources, which could benefit my business. But, I discovered that, whenever someone mentioned me for an opportunity around him, he shuts down the idea because he likes to take credit for everything.

This is someone my business wants something from but doesn’t really need to succeed.

In your new business one of the key chores, you should take seriously is finding out which people, are key, to its success and who should be left out. Know what and who is disrupting the increase in your business or organization! Once you have fished them out, make up your mind about them, do not hesitate, make sure they are dismissed from your business/life as soon as it is practicable!

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Love and more success. 💗

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.

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