Writing An 'About Us' with Correctness

Here are the basic four key points to focus on when writing an "About Us" page of your business.

About Us - (who, when, what, why)

Who: The name of your company.

When: The time it was set up and by whom it was founded.

What: The type of people you serve, and the set of values that your company/small business offers them.

Why: The problems you solve for the customers, the actions your company takes to implement solutions and the success it accomplishes. 

Sample About Us Script: Biscale Firm was set up in the early eighties by a group of ambitious entrepreneurs. Their promotion of small local businesses has ensured the success of dozens of talented young Nigerian entrepreneurs. With their entrepreneurship education and training program, the company is scaling up startups and leading the way in the business world as they have done for the past four decades.

The information about your business should be written for a purpose, not just because you can pen down words. I hope this post inspires you to write an ‘about us’ page with correctness. Once you start down this part, the process of a new client/customer deciding whether you're the right market for them will be a lot smoother, and you will stand out in a good way.


Damilola Ogunremi

Etiquette Expert, Image and Business Coach

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