Present A More Positive You

A lady told an acquaintance, "Some certain ways you behave with me affect me negatively." And he had her questioning her 'over-reactiveness,' her 'over-sensitivity,' and her tendency to misinterpret' his behaviours.

Listen to me, even when you think, there has been a misfired accusation against you in your relationship personal or business, you don't have to explain, justify or defend the harmful behaviours the other person complained of.

While you may state that, you were misunderstood, proper manner requires that you look into the spotted bad attitude, and take steps to minimize its hurtful impact on the subject. And not that you will dust the complainer with more poison, and present a more toxic version of yourself.

My advice is that you start changing any detesting attitude, and behaviours you may possess by putting yourself on the right track towards using a more poised and graceful attitude, and behaviours.⁣⁣

Once you seriously make up your mind, the knack of behaving in a proper and classy manner will become smooth, and it will be easier to replace a bad attitude to present a more positive you and the best version of yourself in your relationships. ⁣⁣

Warmly, ⁣⁣

Damilola Ogunremi⁣⁣

Etiquette Expert, Image and Business Coach.⁣⁣



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