How to Create a Signature Elegant Look for the Business Woman


Want to look polished in your business, but not made-up? The classic look is the most flattering and simply gorgeous profile I would suggest for you.

To achieve the classic look, choose neutral makeup. Whether your skin tone is dark, medium, or fair, use hues within two shades lighter or darker colour of your natural lip, cheek, and eyelid colours.

Eyebrow - After applying foundation and concealer, jump right into the eyebrows choosing the colour that best matches your brows and fill it lightly so it's barely there. Use an angled brush and a similarly coloured pressed powder to define the shape so it looks classic.

Eyelid - Use eye shadow with tones naturally found in the skin, like bronze, peach, rose, and plum to set the eyelids. Then, slightly darken the eye to define the lids.

Lashline - Apply a darker brown colour just on the outer side of your lashline to round up the appearance of the eye. Balance the colour by applying it to the lower lashline.

Eyelashes - Dress your upper and bottom lashes with dark mascara to transform your makeup look to make your eyes look brighter so that they pop and are well balanced.

Lips - For your lips, go in first with a neutral lip liner to draw up a more precise shape of your lips. Then with lipstick in the same colour, fill in your lips and crisp up on the edge with a concealer to really define your lips. Also, clean up the unclean edges with a concealer.

Cheekbones - Lastly to bring out the classic and youthful look, blend your cheeks with a rouche shade that would go well with the colour of the lipstick. Apply it on the cheekbone all the way to the apple of the cheeks. Be sure to smile while doing this.

Hairstyle - Keep your hair in vintage hairstyles, chignon or buns.

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