Clever Tip for Using the Work Hours Appropriately


Wait! Did you know this 1 thing? If you don’t use the company’s time productively, you can lose your job. And since this is one of the huge reasons for a lot of losses on the job, I feel it’s my responsibility to remind you to spend the working hours productively.

Whether you like it or not you’re being watched

Read the following story:

Mary had worked at Gray’s Motors for two years as front desk personnel. Each morning after arriving at work she would spend up to thirty minutes responding to emails that had arrived overnight. Much of the email contained personal messages from her friends.

One morning, Mary's supervisor called her into his office and informed her that her email had been monitored (in other words, read regularly!) by the network administrator. Because she spent so much company time on personal email, she was told that she had lost her job.

Mary claims that she was unfairly dismissed and that the company breached her privacy.

Did the company breaches her privacy?

Has the company been wrong in dismissing her?

The answer to the questions is unequivocal. “NO!”

The workplace is not your regular home. Using the work hours appropriately is not just a moral responsibility. It is also necessary to ensure maximum company growth.

 Therefore, it is super important not to use the company’s time for your personal activities, either pleasure or side hustle. This principle is one of the keys to being successful on the job.

Here’s how you can ensure you’re not chatting during work hours:

1.   Learn from Mary’s mistake. Make a point of chatting with your friends at lunch or by close time.


2.   If you have friends who make the habit of chatting with you during work hours, politely caution them. Say something like, “Let me chat with you later. I have to get back to work.”


3.   If he or she continues to chat, you can keep repeating: “You know, John, I really need to focus on work. Let’s talk later.” Or “Let’s talk at lunch.”

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