Have an Outstanding Greeting Line for Your Customers



Make an important impression when your customers come to your place of business and leave.


Present your business daily to the world in a professional manner. Teach the security guards and the door persons who greet your existing and potential customers upon their arrival to your company a custom greeting line that tells them you’re happy to see them and another greeting line to bid them farewell when they are leaving to show you’d love to see them again.


In the past, I’ve been to businesses where little I was welcomed like a president. Regardless of how awkward that made me feel, I always return to these businesses. Customers will only come back to businesses where they feel that their presence is appreciated. This is why every opportunity you get, you must let them know you appreciate them by simply welcoming them properly.


In our modern business situations today, when you think of a greeting line, go beyond the traditional greetings of “Welcome to our company,” or the basic greeting like “good afternoon,” etc. Come up with a grand greeting line for your business so you could be more relevant in today’s modern business world.


So, how can you come up with a well-composed greeting line for your business?


To get started on creating an exceptional greeting line for your business, think of your brand proposition. What is your business known for? Let’s say, you’re into the hospitality business, and you have a hotel. You could have a greeting line that says, “Welcome to the haven of choice where you get quality rest.” For other businesses, you could say, “Welcome to Harvas. It gives us pleasure to have you.” For biding your customers farewell, your greeting line could be like this, “Thank you. We appreciate your coming.”


When you’re creating your greeting line, don’t forget to prompt your employees to add formal politeness and a sign of good manners of sir and ma.


Never overlook these small details in your big or small business. Always make an important impression on your customers.


Love & More Success.


Damilola Ogunremi,

Etiquette Expert, Image & Business Coach.

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