Happy Father's Day!!

Daddy Dearest,

Today is a good day... 

to tell you that... While you might be the least rich and perfect dad in the world, YOU ARE A TRUE FATHER!!

As a child, I wasn't afraid to talk to you. You were always accessible.


You were playful, fun and loving without losing your respect. 


You acted like my mate yet disciplined me when needed.


When you chastised me, you focused on your emotions and mine. You kept your correction rational and fact-based and respected me.


You weren't even strong spiritually but you called me to prayer perpetually.


When I was tough and bad as a teenager, you were compassionate, and your love transformed me to the status of a dear daughter.


You were generous, and when I grew up, you took from me without switching the child and parental roles.


And this was how you raised me with dignity my sweet Papa.




I pray for all the fathers in the world, your shame shall be replaced with glory and honour. You shall not suffer loss over your children. Your life shall not be over. You shall live a fulfilled life. Your enemies shall not mock you. You shall see your children's children even to the fourth generation. You shall live the rest of your life in good health, prosperity and enduring riches in Jesus name.


Happy Father's Day!!


Damilola Ogunremi.💞💞


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