How to Build Your Value and Self-Worth

Can the negative words others say to us have an immediate, or future impact on our self-worth? Psychologists say our self-worth is often based upon what we believe the most important people in our lives think of us. The negative words of others vicariously over time can damage your self-worth to become repugnant in your outlook.

In life, there will be situations that will propel people to display actions that show you’re not really as important as you think you are to them.

Parents, spouse, friends, acquaintances, mentors, siblings and family will occasionally say things or do things which will disappoint you, cause you heartache and sadness. If you’re the type who bases his or her value building only on the encouraging yells of others, when you’re let down now and again, you are liable to feel less valuable and less dignified overtime.

The key to building and maintaining a true sense of value and self-worth is to become more internally focused and take more responsibility for your own development, one way of doing this is to start exhibiting a positive attitude towards yourself in order to influence your value and counterbalance the harmful impact of other people’s pessimistic words uttered against you.

Base your sense of value on what you say and think about yourself. Add essence to your person. What you give essence is wholly meaningful! Work harder at producing positive words in both your conversations and self-talk. When you make mistakes forgive yourself. When people tell you’re not beautiful. Say to yourself, “I’m amazing. I’m one of a kind.”

Lend a voice to your value. This is one of the ways of walking tall in the world. Starting from today, no matter what anyone says to you or think of you, go through life feeling superior, secured with a truckload of self-worth.

Love & more success. 💗

Your friend and Coach,

~ Damilola Ogunremi.


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