Merrymaker Bad Manners

Hi Love!

Attending social gatherings, such as dinners and parties is more than just dressing up and looking the part.  Besides honouring invitations, knowing how to be a good host, being a polite guest, making toasts; to build connection, and pique significant interest in those that may establish a strategic alliance with you soon, cultivate yourself to remember names and faces.

Forgetting someone's name is a general mistake. With a lot of things occupying the mind, thoughts and attention, you can often forget a person's face, and even unable to come up with other details, such as where and how you met them. While this is a common misstep, it is considered careless, rude and inexcusable bad manner.

So, as a person of good breeding, when you’re introduced to a person, try and find out one or two things about them. It could be learning about their experiences, talents or something they do, which can stimulate your enthusiasm to remember them the next time you meet.  

Always try to remember people’s names and faces out of courtesy.  Watch out for behaviours perceived as not good etiquette. Have impeccable manners.


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Damilola Ogunremi

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