7 Declaration to start your Business for the new week⁣⁣

What are you saying about your business this new week?

Are you sending out your words in the direction you want your business to go or you’re burrowing in a negative report, declaring defeat? As the Bible in Proverbs 6:2 says, “You’re snared by the words of your mouth; you’re taken by the words of your mouth.”

Make sure you’re giving life and faith to a better tomorrow. You’ll surely get what you’re calling for. Make sure the devil doesn’t snare you by the words of your mouth. If you’re a person of prayer like me, make this declaration with me.

💡 This is going to be a great week. Something good is about to happen to me and my business.⁣⁣

💡 I declare my good health and diligence to continue to acquire knowledge and skills which I need for my business to prosper. I am blessed. I’m strong. I’m healthy.⁣⁣

💡 I speak the favour of God into the present and future of my business transactions.⁣⁣

💡 God is supplying all of my business needs⁣⁣

💡 When one door closes in my business, God will open up another with windows of heavenly blessings upon the works of my hands.⁣⁣

💡 What is meant to harm me and my business, God will use it for my advantage. I’m not only coming out of the trap of the enemy, but I will also come out better than I was. ⁣⁣

💡 I will have a report of victory in my business. I and my business are moving into greater frontier and height this year and all my good dreams will come to pass, in Jesus name.⁣⁣

This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business.

~Damilola Ogunremi
Your friend & Coach

P.S. Know anyone who could use this prayer right now? Share it with them. 

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