#VALENTINE’SDAY 10 Ways to Make a Big Difference

Happy 💕 Valentine's Day 💕 and here's a small gift from us 🎁

10 IDEAS for positive ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

To make a big difference this season:

Show love to the people, or groups in your local community that you think might be in need by giving something away to them.

Show love to your Family by improving your family life. And preventing conflicts from getting in the way of everyone’s happiness.

Show love to your Neighbors by having friendly and helpful relationships with them.

Show love to your Children by using kind actions to create a stable and comfortable environment for them.

Show love to yourself by being generous and considerate to yourself through thoughts, words and actions.

Show love to the Elderly ones by assisting or serving them in a kind way.

Show love to the Teachers of your children by performing an act of generosity that did not expect.

Show love to others who are sick, sad or hurt by helping them.

Show love to your friends by learning the trait, characteristics and qualities that make someone a good friend, and make your friendship complete and more enjoyable.

Show love to the homeless by giving your time, food, clothes and money without expecting anything in return.

Thanks for all your efforts in continuing the love and kindness movement! Stay loving and stay kind beautiful people.

Your friend & Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi

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