Teach your Children to Show Gratitude

Let your children appreciate you on occasion. In one of my gratitude class, I asked students what they are being thankful for or appreciate. A young lady answered me by saying, “I’m not grateful for anything.” I asked why she wasn’t thankful for anything. She said she hadn’t realized she was supposed to be grateful. I suggested she could be thankful for having parents who love and provides for her.

If your children are fed, clothed, housed, and generally treated justly and loved, why not teach them to show appreciation for the provision you make available to them and for being around them?

Being thankful for and appreciating what we have and those around us are one of the ways that influenced how we are perceived and whether people should oblige our kindness.

Pay attention when you do something good for your children, notice what they say and how they react, and get them to show gratitude tangibly. Inculcating this value will help your children enjoy a positive reception in life. 

Author of For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids
Damilola Ogunremi

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