Bending to the Request

“I will do whatever it takes to reach my targeted customers.”

Have you ever said this to yourself?

You were unwavering when you made this resolve. You set goals to make the above mentioned happened.

A month or two goes by, maybe even a few years, and you’re feeling thrilled and excited about the progress you’re making in your business.

Just then, everything crackled!

And the next thing you know, your business isn’t even the customer’s choice anymore.

One of the things which usually get in the way is being rigid with your business model.

I don’t want this to continue happening to you. . .

That’s why I want to advise you . . . If you would like to reach large targeted customers proficiently then, consider bending to the customers’ request.

Stop telling your customers they can’t have things their way in as much as they are ready to offer the right price for your services/products. Business, products, catalogues, and services should always be tailored as much as possible to your customers’ demands.

Being flexible with your business model will not only keep your business name in front of a targeted customer regularly. It will also continue to position you as an expert and help you to remain in front of your target market’s mind so that when they are ready to buy the type of things you sell, they buy from you.

And the best part is, you will forever be their first choice.

To more success in your personal and business life,

Your friend & Coach
Damilola Ogunremi

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