The *keys* to guaranteed career advancement

Hi Dear Friend,
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

The secret to getting PROFESSIONAL advancement lays entirely in your ability to eliminate career limiting-behaviour and exhibit some polish.

Don’t get me wrong – having excellent technical skills is important...
And bagging an excellent “can-get” job anywhere certificate is ALSO extremely important.

But no matter how highest ranking you’re among your peers, inability to build and maintain a professional image will make climbing the corporate ladder remain stubbornly out of reach.

That’s why this week I would like to give you some powerful tips on how to cultivate the skills to present yourself glowingly in the workplace – so you can advance in your career no matter what unexpected roadblocks appear on your path.

Some of my favourite on “the-job” tips will help to make it so much easier for you to avoid career limiting-behaviour and effectively navigate the workplace.

Let’s get to it!

Fix the problem rather than giving excuses – when there’s a problem don’t just say, “I’m sorry.” Acknowledge your mistakes by saying, “You’re right, I’m sorry. I will implement the changes you want. Thank you.” Because in poor circumstance what your boss, customer or colleague want to know is what you will be doing differently in the future.

Offer to help – if you want to advance in your career, never, ever, ever use the statement “That’s not my job” in the workplace. I know, you need to do your work, but you also, whenever possible, need to offer help to others. When you do this, you come across as a team player! So, let’s say you have a lot of tasks. Instead of using the statement above, consider saying, “I’d like to help out, but I don’t have the room right now to accommodate more task.” or “I’d like to help out, but I’m busy right now. If you don’t mind, I’d attend to your request once I’m free.” If the request is coming from a customer say, “I will escalate your request to the appropriate quarters.” And not “That’s not my job!” or "That's not my department."

Stay abreast of any trends in your field – continue learning. Take advantage of any training that can brush up your business etiquette skills on the job.

Some employers are deliberately evaluating your interactions – don’t ignore your colleagues. Smile and be friendly. Make an effort to say “Hello,” “Good morning,” and so on, not only to the people you work directly with but, also to those you don’t work closely with.

Convey enthusiasm for your work – be eager to always get the job done. You might not like this but, try sometimes to stay late to get more jobs done even though you arrived early.

Avoid gossip – some people are warped. When you say one thing to them, they will twist it to besmirch your image before your superior just to look good. So, speak well of coworkers, avoid downbeat topics about others.

Restrain your tongue – unlike in your family, the workplace has people with different religious, and political views. They come from different races, and age groups and have a wide range of perspectives.  Don’t just say anything that is on your mind. Avoid careless language, and only share valuable and constructive conversations, and not what will offend others.

Don’t be defensive – don’t shut down when you are giving feedback. Whether your boss’s or colleagues' comments are positive or negative, at the end of the conversation, make sure you say “Thank you” or “Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.”

Have a professional style – don’t wear ill-fitting, rumpled clothes to work. Dress appropriately for your position. Be aware of the breath you’re emitting. Keep your mouth clean always. Don’t speak too softly or loudly. Don’t use filler words or poor diction (okay, all right, like or um) that detract from a professional image.

Office romance – avoid office romance at all cost! But, if it develops, do not broadcast it. Don’t engage in physical contact in the office. Don’t let negative feelings from the relationship affect the job. Whomever you date, ensure your boss is not one of them.

To learn more about career-advancing behaviour, and eliminate career limiting-behaviour, consider opting for our mini Business Etiquette master class. Don’t let anything stop you. I want you to keep moving forward in your career, even when it seems promotion isn’t forthcoming – and even when negative people in your life are telling you to give up on becoming anything in the job you’re doing.

And here’s to more success in your personal and business life.

Your friend & Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi

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