Are You Overdosing Your Children?

In celebrating your child or children today, and every other day, because they are special you have to be cautious in overindulging them. Children have receptive minds, and at this stage of their lives, they need to be molded and given the right foundation to become that great man or woman you will be proud of someday.

Unfortunately, nowadays, overindulgence has become parenting norm. Let me illustrate my point with a story that’s typical.

I know of a certain middle-class family. They were just able to get what they need to live a fairly comfortable life. But, they tried all their best and spent all the good to give their five children anything they wanted, so they lived in a world where they could not say “NO” to the demands of their children. Because of this excess, the children grew up to believe life is a bed of roses. Until the first child had to work during her industrial training program in school, only then, did she realize the strenuous efforts the parents put in, to give them everything, and how petty, and inconsiderate they had been, also the role the parents played in turning the reality of life upside-down!

From that day onward, she made up her mind to become a better person. Not every child in this young woman’s case escapes the ill effect of overindulgence.
To give your children their way in everything is a big lie to the future ahead of them. It’s necessary to say “no” far more often than your children hears “yes” if you want them to be truly successful in life, and remain a success. Stand between your children becoming emotionally undeveloped and selfish adults. Teach them the value of constructive and productive efforts. #ChildrenDeserveTrulyFulfillingValues

Happy Children’s Day!!

Damilola Ogunremi,
DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting – Building lives, Reputation, and Image 

Photo Credit: @EyeforEbony

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