Mix & Mingle with Ease

When you attend meetings do you ignore the opportunity to meet new people? Try out these following ideas at your next event. You don’t want to miss out to expand your network or to meet potential clients or possible future employers.

Accomplish something
In order to get the most out of networking groups, business social events such as conferences and association meetings or cocktail parties, prepare what you want to accomplish from the meeting before leaving home.

What to bring with you
Bring with you to the event plenty of clean, ready to pass out, business cards (preferably in a case)

When you first sit down at an event, turn to the people on either side of you. Make eye contact, smile, and say hello, and introduce yourself. Express a positive comment about the surroundings, or the event.

Don’t be afraid to meet people. Don’t limit talking only to people from within your company or industry. Seize the opportunity to meet new people-potential new customers!

Initiate Conversation
Develop various ways to start conversations

Your business & you
For each person, you will introduce yourself to, create proper self-introduction. Elevator pitch + name + tile + company.

Present proper handshake
Learn the several key components of the perfect handshake before you go for any meeting. 

The business card exchange
Don’t be in haste to exchange business cards, be patient to see if there is a good reason to give it. Don’t just collect cards, collect potential relationships.

The meeting
Ask questions from each person you meet, but listen more than you talk. If he or she seems uninterested, excuse yourself and move on to the next person.

The timeframe
While you are being positive, friendly, and enthusiastic, and having fun, try to spend no more than 10 minutes with each person you meet. A good timeframe will be three to five minutes with each person you meet to determine whether or not there is a good connection.

Make it all count
Make your networking efforts count by following up with what you promised.  Make that call, send that information!

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