Are You Priming?

Parenting is knowledge, priming, applying, growing, sacrificing, making mistakes and learning from it. Helping your children to prepare their actions every day will foster happier parenting for you.

As a gracious mum you should not take each day as it comes, but plan it as you have the grace. Each day should be about how you want your children to behave at home, with others in the public and at school. I remember in my days, every day before leaving home for school, they tell us some things that will prepare us for some situations. And because they do this, instead of carrying stone and breaking a child’s head when an awful situation occurs, we behave the right way.

Have an expectation put in place for your children’s behavior daily and how you want them and you to feel as a result of following your instructions. Create a positive reward system that will keep influencing their positive behavior.
Make use of these four things every day of your parenting life: love, time, sacrifice and responsibilities. Never forget that every day for you must be created anew because you’re the architect of what your children become tomorrow. Remember, parenting is a sacrifice. 

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