True Stories from the DRS Manners Counter

Q: I am an undergraduate lady of 25-years old, from a middle-class family. I lost my father at a younger age. Presently, I'm pressured by a man of 78-years old for a romantic relationship. He's the father to my ex-step-father. As the first child, my circumstances are that I have responsibilities in ensuring that my siblings are taken care of and I need money to support myself while studying. This man promises to take care of all my money needs if I will date him, but I don't want to go against my morals or let any man degrade me. What should I do?.
A: A relationship should be an experience between two consenting people. It should never be forced. Sadly, sometimes there are men who pressure for a relationship and go as far as enticing you with material goods and money. Chances are that you're just an old age distraction for this enormous jerk and you'd get kicked to the curb for a predecessor, once he's done sleeping with you. I suggest you tell him in a clear, firm, direct way that you're not interested. Let your actions and body language reflect what you're saying, so your meaning of 'no' is not misinterpreted. I suppose this will lower the intensity of his pressure.
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