How not to be in Debt after Your Wedding

In Nigeria, It's not unheard of for some people to become financially drained and a debtor after their wedding. In all honesty, I understand our appetite to have our ‘owambe' kind of society party with the very wealthy showing off and the not-so-wealthy feeling pressured to overspend, getting into debt.
But in this kind of our economy, it's either you go moderate affair way or you go broke. If you are engaged and planning to get married, It's an important part of wedding etiquette for you, your fiancé, your parents, and his parents to make a list of everyone you want to invite. If the number of people is too many, reduce from the list.
This might be difficult, but to avoid being financially exhausted after your wedding, balance the number of invitations on both bride and the groom's side. I know that this could limit the number of applauding you will get after your wedding, but you will have peace of mind, sleep and eat well.

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