Totally Unaware?

Hey, are you totally unaware of the self-inflicted success limiting behavior you harbor? It is so easy not to know you're doing something wrong when you have been doing it for a long time. I met a professional three days ago at the library, but his ill-fitting, red oil stained, dirty, rumpled shirt and bad language was an embarrassment to his image. Everybody avoided him. This is a self-inflicted success-limiting behavior. Imagine that this professional was to meet a potential customer by his choice of outlook, he has lost this opportunity.
On two occasions I've met two school owners wear a creased shirt to their schools. Plus, their body odor is an issue on its own. This makes wonder if ironing or having a polished appearance is a thing of the past.
Once you are stepping out of your house there is no minor trip. Influence how you are perceived positively. Appearance is on one of the most important traits to uphold. Improve your efforts to create a well put-together look that embraces your unique way that elevates your image. Don't cheapen your look. Standout in a good way.

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