Comments that May Destroy You!

There are so many things that can kill great talented, hard-working people...
"You're doing such an amazing job." "You are wonderful! You blow my mind with your piece." "I love what you are doing. You're such a beautiful soul." "I love you. I wish I could be just like you."
Sweet comments that might destroy you, if you take them too far. When fans or people tell you that, they love you, they want to be like you then, you have an obligation to continue building yourself to be peculiar.
When you hear "I wish I could be just like you," by this people mean to say that, they admire what you are doing to influence the world around you. The talent you have. The special gift inside of you! Some great people have destroyed their lives by not knowing how to handle these comments. Make certain it doesn't happen to you by going the extra mile to keep doing amazing things.
The next time you are showered with these sweet comments, be careful you are not developing inflatable character. It isn't really about you, but the values you are offering. Keep creating the right image and more success.

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