Are You a Bad Competition?

Collaborations are opportunities for you to display your skills or services, put your name out into the community, and be seen as an expert. It can give you the chance to break into a larger market in your area of specialization. There is nothing wrong with this best and cheapest marketing tool entrepreneurs have to expand their businesses, yet I have seen so many of them always becoming cagey when they meet someone doing the same business as them.
I'm one of the few entrepreneurs who are happy to meet people in my industry without fear. I know someone is already saying in their mind that, I'm stupid. Behind their heads lurk the idea that they will steal their secrets and way of doing business if they are stupid like me. No, I'm not! It's just my mindset! I simply know small, but powerful recipes for good competition. We are aware that it's a competitive landscape and some people will go to any length to steal from you, howbeit, you can survive!
When you meet someone from your field and they are willing to collaborate with you, the number 1 thing you should do is decide how you want to collaborate. Number 2, avoid giving away your trade secrets or intellectual property in the name of collaboration. Number 3, have a goal you are both willing to work on for the collaboration. This could be as simple as sharing resources or tool you come up with for the course of the collaboration.
Collaboration is not about giving away your trade secret but learning and sharing ideas for the development of individual businesses. Have the right mindset. Stop practicing bad competition. Expand beyond a fraction.

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