I shall Live a life of Purpose and Integrity


Your weekly declaration. . .

 I declare I shall live a life of purpose and integrity.

I'm a person of destiny.

I possess the potential to bring about the God-given dreams inside of me.

As I walk with God and continue to grow in relationship with him, he prospers the works of my hand in ways I never thought possible.

I am motivated and inspired to strive toward excellence while fulfilling my destiny.

I declare I shall stay in good health.

I shall enjoy happy relationships.

I declare my finances shall be in order.

By God, I shall live beyond the mere wants and wishes of this life.

I declare my life shall go from ordinary to extraordinary.

My life shall go from average to exceptional.

As I go in this year, I shall experience victory in ways I never imagined.

I receive the strength of Christ and draw on his wisdom to develop my potential and business/career for greatness, and create brighter futures for myself and those around me. This is my declaration, in Jesus name.  This is my declaration in Jesus name.

This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and personal life. 💗


Damilola Ogunremi,

Your friend and Coach.



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