Wear it Like A Glamorous Appearance


Do you know that how you behave and present yourself can be the differentiator in whether your brand becomes a successful business that's celebrated, or scorned and obscured? Your business is what you make it. That’s why you should never go to your place of business, or face a client without looking fabulous. Besides wearing the business attire, the jewellery and the makeup, which shows your personality, project a polished and sweat appearance by displaying the behaviour people can perceive as good business manners.

What happens to the time when you run into an angry situation during business transactions, should you still be “on” good business manners?


Sometimes, you’d differ in opinion over matters with some of your clients.

When a situation becomes conflicting while conducting business, force yourself not become quite emotional.

During a business operation, if differences raise a situation to an emotional level or lower it with a customer or someone you just come across, rather than putting forward argument and counter-argument, and causing the situation to intensify into conflict, politely smile and reframe the conversation that’s building tension to something that’s more comprehensible to the other person.

Remember, you’re conducting business? Nothing should tarnish your professional image, or prevent you from building a deeper emotional connection with your existing or potential customers.

Always wear excellent business manners like a glamorous appearance. Others will notice and find you as likeable as possible to do business with.

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Damilola Ogunremi

Etiquette, Image and Business Coach.



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