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Do you know that while almost “everybody” is one business or the other, not “everybody” practices business etiquette or even carry out the ethical conducts essential for business success? There are some people who have never even heard of etiquette generally, talk more of business etiquette. I remember visiting a very big popular company in Nigeria some years back. I won’t mention the name. I met with one of the company’s top bosses to discuss my services. He could not even pronounce “etiquette” properly much more know what it is about. He was saying, “Ei-ti-quei-elt.” I tried to help him with the pronunciation. After a few attempts without a result, I gave up!

As a small-business owner, you need to learn all about business etiquette, good business manners, and other ethical behaviours and attitudes to sharpen your business management skills and spell them out explicitly to your employees to conduct your business properly, provide better services to your customers and distinguish your business from the competition.  

Workplace research shows that a positive workplace often gives small-business owners what they want most – employees who foster a good working environment by displaying courtesy and respect towards coworkers, employers and customers. And as a result of the comfort, this good treatment in the business provides, the productivity of teams’ increases to profit bottom-line.

Following are some of the basic skills that will help you improve your business and profit bottom line:

📌Communication etiquette;

📌Business meal etiquette;

📌Meeting etiquette;

📌Professionalism, and workplace etiquette;

📌Telephone etiquette;

📌Email etiquette;

📌Client relationship etiquette;

📌Employers and employees relationship etiquette;

📌Respecting religion, beliefs and opinions;

📌Personal branding;

📌Marketing and pitching your business;



📌Customer retention.

There's a lot of ground for you as a small-business owner to cover. But, don't worry. You can always count on DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting to train you in any business management skills. Email to sign up for a consultation to get you started with our premium training today.

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