7 Positive Traits You Need in Your Professional Career


Do you know work can become easier? If you are developing the positive traits you need in your professional career you can improve the vital potential that makes it so.

I remember sitting in one of my clients’ office as he assessed his business with one of the employees.

The employee looked irritated and unhappy, plus his repelling attitudes, his sadness spread like a cold.

Seeing this employee in this poignant mood triggered me and the boss to feel angry and unhappy. You know what they say about negative energy, right? It's contagious!

The moment this employee left the office, the boss considered letting him go. He said, he is always unhappy and that makes him unhappy too. 

If there’s a richer place to learn, to grow to prepare and become an interconnected and explicable leader before owning your business it is in serving in other people’s businesses. And in the process of serving and developing yourself, it is your ability to deal effectively with challenges on the job that would spin you on to the path for more and greater success in your professional career.

Here are my #top 7 Positive Traits that can help you enhance your capabilities, assist you to feel more relaxed and make it easier to focus on your job with happiness to succeed.

Replace Negative Attitudes

To succeed at work and thrive in your career, put in the necessary effort and the right attitudes that your work needs to thrive. Eliminate the habit of thinking or acting negatively. Replace any negative attitudes you may have with positive ones, and turn negative phrases you commonly use into positive ones.

Celebrate Yourself

When an employer doesn’t see your best as good enough for promotion or salary increment, remain positive. Compliment your achievements, rather than feeling unimportant, and congratulate yourself on a job well done from time to time. Be happy for yourself. Treat yourself to something you enjoy, and you’d see yourself improving on the job, succeeding more in your professional skills and having stronger self-esteem and happiness.

Help Colleagues Have Positive Outlook

A colleague’s bad attitudes, cataclysmic thinking, and fatalistic outlooks can infiltrate your quality and enhance poor work performance. When colleagues complain to you about the boss they don't like, an angry customer or their job. Use positive comments to turn around the frustrating experiences confronting them to help them see the bright side of their situations. Let them know that staying positive towards work may help their work open doors to promotion and successes. You can also move negative topics of a colleague to positive topics. Additionally, try to make friends with colleagues who can positively influence you, and your working environment.

Practice Gratitude

To be grounded, improve a positive attitude toward work and improve emotional and physical health, make a list of positive aspects in your work/career life, and be grateful for them even if they are small.

Encourage a Work Peaceful Environment

Sometimes, some colleagues may complain easily about you or your work. Others may get emotional during tense situations with you. Try not to react quickly. Pause, take a deep breath and stay level-headed before you respond. Instead, of reacting negatively, re-focus your reaction and give yourself time to react positively to the situation. Help encourage a positive and peaceful environment at work.

Boost Positive Energy

Negative energy is contagious. It can close you in like a wall. It can keep you away from executing goals and also block you from moving forward on the job. So, prevent toxic individuals from influencing your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. If you have a draining and negative work relationship with a colleague, cut down on the time you spend with the person. Establish and maintain boundaries so that you don’t get pushed out of acquiring happiness on the job.

Use the Golden Rules

Avoid being petty, aggressive, Ill-disposed towards others, or making others subservient as it only causes negative consequences on the working environment. Act kindly and treat others the way you want to be treated. Make friends and surround yourself with positive energy.

I hope these seven steps lead you to have a more positive, happier, and more successful working experience. With a positive outlook and kind attitude, work can become easier!

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Damilola Ogunremi

Etiquette, Image and Business Coach.

Photo credit: Stanislav Kondratiev

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