30 Reasons Why Business Etiquette & Etiquette, In General, is Important

Etiquette has some of the most highly in-demand skills valuable for both new entrants and old professionals who need to improve their overall skill levels from where the skill levels are to where it needs to be so they are more productive to meet the demands in today’s greatly competitive job market. Surprisingly, some professionals still don’t fully understand the all-encompassing values etiquette offers. An educated business owner once challenged me. “Why would you name your business DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting? That’s limiting!” Another asked me what is etiquette and a few others couldn’t even pronounce the word properly. Frankly, some people still think that etiquette is all about knowing the right fork to use.  Now, what is Etiquette exactly? Besides all the definitions that exist in the world. In my opinion, etiquette, manners and protocol can be defined as must-have indispensable skill sets that affect businesses and lives remarkably. Etiquette first appeared in English in 1750, is more than knowing not to drink water from a glass meant for wine. Etiquette is not just meant for top-level executives or rich people. Good manners are one thing money can’t buy. Therefore, good manners are only for the people willing to master the art of proper etiquette to strengthen the source of their influence, happiness, self-confidence and stand out distinctively.

Acquisition of business etiquette can help transform you into an excellent and adequate professional who knows how to present his or herself in different areas of business such as knowing how to give and receive business cards properly, delivering the proper business handshake, knowing email etiquette rules professionals should follow, knowing the etiquette of corporate gift-giving, mastering proper diction for professionals, having an excellent business dining manners, following  the best telephone etiquette in business, conducting business meetings with the finest refinement, knowing the etiquette and protocol of proper introductions, doing business overseas including being:

●Differentiated from others in a competitive job market

●Having confidence in a variety of settings with a variety of people

●Honouring a commitment to excellence and quality

●Modifying distracting behaviours and displaying admired conducts

●Exhibiting professionalism and developing a polished image

●Putting one step ahead, to practice the social skills necessary to help you make a great first impression and stand out in a competitive job market

●Instilling a perception of trustworthiness and deploring fraudulence.

Having an understanding of etiquette makes a difference in how you respond to certain situations in personal or business life.

Etiquette helps businesses to be more competitive in the market in a tight economy.

Etiquette helps you to be a good host, be a polite guest, make toasts professionally and honour invitations with grace.

Business etiquette helps a customer service representative to handle his or herself in any situation with optimal correctness, customers notice, feel respected and stay loyal.

As a politician or a person of power, business etiquette brushes you up to have a positive outlook, spruce you up for interviews, public appearance and helps you to interact successfully in a multicultural setting. Business etiquette skill sets in use in a governmental setting helps the employees to be more productive and set them apart for excellence.

Etiquette helps you as a recruiting firm to churn out job candidates with essential business etiquette skills.

As universities or colleges, business etiquette grooms your soon-to-be graduates to be well-rounded and ready for the job market.

As a marketer or salesperson, business etiquette shapes you to have high converting conversation in local and international sales meetings.

As a professional in the hospitality industry, when you take the time to train your employees on international protocol, communication skills, and business etiquette basics, customers notice and patronize you over and over again.

Business etiquette helps a young manager with social clumsiness to have proper manners and teaches him or her to have the skills needed to be confident in themselves and management.

In a wide variety of ways, etiquette impact your business, career and life.

What’s more?

Etiquette teaches your children good manners that help to create a civilized home and enables you as parents to be more productive and peaceful.

With etiquette, you can make the right impressions the first time, win admirers, contracts, and earn promotions, because etiquette makes you one of the people who are aware of self-inflicting opportunity limiting behaviours and knows the right thing to say and the right way to behave.

Etiquette teaches you the proper way to make new friends, handle your friendship politely if you already have one, how you’re supposed to ask a person for a date and how to nourish your love relationship/marriage. And with correct etiquette, whether you're a bride or groom preparing for your wedding you can have a classy ceremony. 

The list of the benefits that business etiquette and etiquette, in general, offers in all aspect of life is endless. But simply put etiquette, provides you with the indispensable skills you need to succeed in business and life. Now that you have learned the importance of business etiquette and etiquette in general, I invite you to take the first step to empower yourself. Hire an etiquette consultant on a contract or full-time basis to handle for you the training that will help improve your overall skill levels from where the skill levels are to where it needs to be so you’re more productive to achieve the results you’re focused on achieving.



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