Ladies & Singles Etiquette Survival Kit™

To help make your conversation a success and not have someone talk over you because you're a lady. Simply apply positive assertiveness, or enrich what the other person is saying and gracefully steer them towards what you want to say, thus making conversation rich and presenting you as polished.

I invite you to buy our life-changing Ladies & Singles Etiquette Survival Kit™ and augment your personal and professional image. Have you ever seen a lady who stands out, looks well spruced up and has conducts that draw people to her?

This influential kit is designed to provide you with the social aspect of your behaviour and transform you into a more healthy and graceful lady by providing you training in 28 courses. This whole training program is available for 171, 000.00 NGN or you can opt for the mini-lesson of each course for just 5000 NGN.

Please note: The following pieces of training are received as online training and as a PDF Digital FILE when purchased as a mini-lesson.

Confidence and Deportment

Building relationships

Intimacy etiquette

Disagreement etiquette

First impressions mastery

Communication essentials. Meet and greet

Using an appropriate tone of voice

Polished language skills

Body language

The hospitality of a graceful lady

Dining & Social Etiquette

The art of effective socializing

Entertainment essentials

Dealing with criticism

Getting rid of complexes

Building your identity

The art of positive assertiveness

Getting your impact felt at work


Dealing with irritable & mood swings


Makeup tips (advanced)

Learning face shapes & fitting hairstyles

Wealth management

Wellness management

Posture & poise (Graceful sitting & walking)

Learning how to cook

Learning essential domestic skills

To register for the full training or purchase a mini-lesson of any of the courses listed above, please send your email to or WhatsApp 08170768650. 


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