Unleashing your Creative Self

Have you ever noticed how successful artisans can use their imagination to look at an old, odd, dilapidated item with shabby features and immediately envision it as a treasure? They see abandoned items and get excited at the thought of what they could do to transform it. This the same way you should also, start treating tarnished ideas, or problems instead of just trashing them. And one way to do this effectively is to unleash your creative self, as creativity is a prerequisite for success in any field, including business and arts.

How to unleash your creative self, optimize the creative power of your brain for generating ideas is a two-step process that involves using the left and right sides of your brain for the jobs that they are best suited for.  Your left brain creates order and is responsible for logic thoughts. In contrast, the right brain is free-flowing and responsible for generating ideas, and innovative thoughts.

For example, accountants tend to use the left side of the brain while artists tend to use the right side of the brain. Some people I’ve asked me in the past if they can be creative like me. My usual response is unequivocal “Yes.” Creativity is a natural process that can be unleashed, so everyone has the ability.

So, for an optimal idea invention for almost every aspect of your professional and personal life, both sides of your brain must be used: the right sides for generating ideas and the left side for applying them. Be very proactive and do not fall short of your full potential.

If you need techniques to develop and act upon the creativity that you already possess, comment below. We have Creativity Course that can help you build the inherent creativity in you. Now, to more success in your personal and business life.

Your friend & Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi

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