Meal Job Interview Training

Can you hold an intelligent conversation over a meal or you a sloppy eater who offends those around him?

What are your manners like in a social setting?

Do you know the rules of speaking and eating?

Are you a pleasant person to talk to when someone sits across the from you? Or do you make noises with your mouth while eating, and gross those around you?

This Meal Interview Course will help you to learn the basics of table manners, and all those rules about keeping your elbows off the table, placing the napkin on your lap, chewing with your mouth closed, chewing quietly and treating the staff with respect.

If you want to excel at a meal interview, know how much you should order, the types of food to avoid that could cause embarrassment, overcome the nightmare of eating and talking and finish with a flourishing, book a class with us. 

In-person, private and “Live” training sessions via video Skype, Zoom, U-webinar or Phone is available. To learn more contact 08170768650, or email us at⁣⁣

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