Meeting and Greeting Mini Lesson

This Meeting and Greeting etiquette product teaches your young people the basics of social interaction. They will learn when introductions are important in building rapport with others; the steps to introducing themselves, such as firm handshakes, smiling, and making good eye contact; what to say when introducing others.

This resource is for personal use as an individual parent or teacher. For best use, draw your children close and teach this lesson to them. We believe it will impact your children’s lives in many good ways.

This product is a DIGITAL PDF FILE you can print and keep handy for future reference.

Delivery: Once payment has cleared, you will receive your file immediately via email.

Refund: All our PDF files sales are final and no refunds will be given once they’ve been emailed.

For more inquiries and to buy a copy of this lesson, please DM, WhatsApp 08170768650 or email us at

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