Bizarre & Valuable Success Tip

Many years ago an older entrepreneur friend of mine gave me some unusual advice.

He told me to commit totally to become better than the best: put extra effort and, energy into pursuing EXCELLENCE in my business and career, rather than chasing down MONEY.

And while this sounded bizarre and somewhat depressing for me at the time, it did help.

Pursuing excellence gives you a glimpse into how your business can offer your potential customers more value than you readily provide . . . and can provide exceptional psychological foresight and insights into building a wildly great brand, plotting and developing better products and life-changing services.

You will probably want to try this if you’re operating a business, or leading a team in an organization and want to become phenomenally successful.

Over the past years the mindset of excellence has produced some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, and anyone who is willing to commit totally to becoming better than the best enjoys the same greatness no matter how long it takes.

This unique positive character trait necessary for leveling up to world-class can help you excel in all aspect of life. It will take you to the next level in whatever profession you find yourself, and help you to become better than the best.

Commit absolutely to excellence instead of pursuing money, and you will realize how extraordinary it is possible for you to be in your business and career, and be distinguished for astounding success.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image

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